What is a private key?

So you are wondering what is a private key. Don't worry about it! Gryfyn will take care of it for you. Just kidding. In the Web3 world, a private key is a secret alphanumeric string that is used to authenticate and sign transactions on a blockchain network. It is essentially a long string of random characters that is mathematically related to a public key.

The private key is kept secret and should only be known to the owner of the account. It is used to sign transactions and messages sent from that account, which is then broadcast to the network for verification and inclusion in the blockchain.

In Ethereum, for example, a user's private key is used to sign transactions and messages sent from their account, and is necessary to unlock the account and access the funds associated with it. It is important to keep the private key secure and not share it with anyone, as anyone with access to the private key can access the associated account and transfer its funds.

With Gryfyn, your private key is safe guarded for you so you don't have to worry about the security of storing your private key.

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